We live in a time in which guests seek unforgettable moments and authentic experiences. Drawing inspiration from Cancun’s location, the new guest rooms evoke the sensation of being in the Caribbean and immersed in Mexico’s natural beauty.

The inspiration behind the new concept comes from an excerpt found in the Mayan book “Popol Vuh,” which chronicles the creation of humankind. The excerpt that inspired the design revolves around the ocean, and provides the basis for the color palette and shades of blue that were incorporated throughout the rooms -- from the textiles, to the art above the bathtubs that symbolize the cenotes, to the sand-toned curtains and beyond. A standout feature is the engraved wood accents, which are inspired by the cross-stitch embroidery found on the typical attire of the Yucatan people. The designs incorpoate native symbols such as the hummingbird – sacred in Mayan mythology – the four-petal flower, and the Quetzal bird. Further tying the space together are rugs in the corridors that simulate the coral reefs and the vitrate that hangs above the bathtubs and are representative of the cenotes.

Most of the materials used are manufactured and designed by local Mexican suppliers, such as the wooden furniture with cross-stitch engraving and the pieces of art made by local craftspeople, which include fossils and amate bark paintings.

The suites feature a type of wood called wood screw – typical of the Yucatan Peninsula – while the Presidential Suite features oak. This suite also features a ceramic tile by Spanish designer Patricia Urqueola. The porcelain on the floors of the rooms and suites simulates the sand, and the recess lighting allows for a shift in ambiance. The lamps on the sides of the bed are made of a polymer to evoke a feeling of lightness.

Each element of the new concept has been carefully thought out to deliver a sense harmony, with luxurious touches inspired by the culture that offer guests a sense of place unique to the Caribbean… unique to Cancun.